Upload Photos to Instagram from Computer

Instagram is the most widely used photo sharing platform right now. As it is owned by Facebook, it allows you to inter-connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts which helps you to publish your photos to both platforms at the same time. Instagram is specifically designed for mobile users, by default, it does not allow you to upload photos from your laptop or PC. But hey, we know a trick that can help you to bypass this restriction with the small workaround. So, let’s discuss how to upload photos to Instagram from laptop or PC.

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The trick that we are going to discuss works on Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox browser, thanks to their Developer tool option. Make sure you have one of these browsers installed on your machine.

Upload Photos to Instagram from Computer Using Google Chrome:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome.

Step 2: Click on the Verticle Three dots present at the upper right corner to explore options. Google chrome provides numerous option to manage settings.

Step 3: Click on more tools option and then click on Developer option.

Upload photos to Instagram

Step 4: Click on the Tablet and Phone icon as shown in the image below. This toggle switch allows you to toggle between the mobile version and desktop version.

upload photos to Instagram


Step 4: Now go to Instagram by typing Instagram.com in the address bar. This will open the mobile version of Instagram. Sign in if you haven’t already.

upload photos to Instagram

Step 5: Click on the “+” button at the bottom of the screen to upload photos from your laptop or pc.

upload photos to Instagram

Step 6: The best part is, you can crop, add filters, captions and pretty much do everything you can on the mobile app. Go ahead, select your photo, apply your favourite filters and click Next.

upload photos to Instagram

Step 7: Click on the share to upload your photo to Instagram.

upload photos to Instagram

This workaround is helpful for people who like to edit their photos on their computer with professional editing software. You can also use this workaround to delete photos from Instagram.

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  1. It only allows you to upload one photo at a time. So, if you have multiple photos to upload, you need to upload those separately.
  2. You won’t be able to tag anyone.

Bonus Tip:

If you are frequent uploader and want to use a computer instead of a mobile app then you should install user-agent switch extension from Google chrome store. This extension helps to switch iPhone/Android view.

Upload Photos to Instagram Using Firefox:

Step 1: Open Firefox and click on three dots present at the upper right corner.

Step 2: Navigate to Web Developer -> Responsive Design Mode. This will open the responsive version layout.

Step 3: Just above the viewport, you will see a label “No device selected“. From drop down select a device.

Step 4: Visit Instagram, Sign in and start uploading the photos by visiting Instagram.

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Upload Photos to Instagram from Using Safari Browser:

First, enable the “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar”. TO do so, go to Safari-> Preferences->Advanced and enable this option.

Now Open another safari browsing window, Go to Develop -> User Agent -> Safari -iOS 10 and select iPhone.

Visit Instagram.com -> Sign in and start uploading photos the same way we did it for chrome browser.

Wrap up:

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and Instagram is one of the most widely used services to share photos and videos with rest of the world. There are a good number of people who like to use laptop or pc over the mobile and this trick will help them to upload their photos directly from their pc.

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