Stop Facebook Spying on You

Facebook is the most popular social networking site out there. It has got over a billion users and has the data of all these billion users. This is also known that Facebook tracks your other activities on the internet and due to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Facebook has been in trouble. It is known that data of millions of users had been sold to the third party. Many people started to delete their Facebook account due to privacy issues. We give permission to Facebook to collect the data that we share on Facebook at the time of signing up. But its certainly not acceptable to Facebook track you around the internet. Let’s see how to stop Facebook spying on you.

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Stop Facebook Spying on You:

Mozilla has made a Firefox extension “Facebook Container” that isolate your Facebook browsing window in separate container thus preventing Facebook from tracking you across the internet.

Step1: go to Firefox Add-ons page and search for “Facebook Container”.

Stop Facebook Spying

Step 2: Add this extension to your Firefox Browser.

Step 3: Once you install this extension, you will be logged out of Facebook and all the associated cookies will be deleted.

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Step 4: Now Visit, this time the window will open in container tab isolated from all other windows. This prevents Facebook from accessing your other windows.

Stop Facebook Spying

This is not a full proof solution, but this definitely adds the extra level of security by blocking third-party cookies. Mozilla does not collect any of your information via Facebook container extension, but it does collect how many times you have installed and uninstalled the application.

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Your Turn:

Rather than deleting your Facebook account, this is certainly good option to protect your privacy while browsing Facebook. Facebook helps us to connect with our loved ones across the globe. You should set your privacy settings to protect your data. This Facebook container extension is really helpful for Firefox users.

How do you protect your privacy and data online? Let us know in the comment section below.

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