Redmi AirDots Review: A Budget-Friendly Truly Wireless Earbuds

A while ago Xiaomi launched Redmi Airdots the successor of its Mi Airdots. If we take a closer look, it looks quite similar to Mi Airdots. But is there any difference between them? I went further and picked up these earbuds at around 2000 rs to test it out. Let’s find out more about it in this detailed review of Redmi Airdots.


Brand Redmi Airdots
Type TWS
Operation Type Physical Buttons
Bluetooth 5.0
Single Earbud Battery 40mAh
Case Battery 300mAh
Weight 4.1 grams
Stereo Battery Life Approx. 3Hrs

Box Contents

Redmi Airdots box contents

The Box Design is minimal. Have a look at the box contents.

  • Redmi Airdots
  • Charging Case
  • Extra ear-tips
  • User Guide

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Design And Build Quality

Redmi Airdots build quality

Now let’s talk about the design and build quality. Like all the Xiaomi products, Redmi Airdots features a minimal design. It is entirely made of plastic along with a case which is prone to scratches and small wear and tear.

The case and ear-buds are dark matt black. The earbuds have the physical buttons which are a great thing instead of touch buttons. Though I like the physical buttons they are a bit hard to operate but its not a big deal as they work perfectly and do what they are supposed to do. The earbuds look premium in design.

As the earbuds are made of plastic, they are lightweight and weigh just 4.1 grams. The case weighs just around 32 grams.

Though Xiaomi claims that the earbuds of very good quality but extra care is always a better considering they are made of plastic.

The earbuds are held tightly in a case with the help of magnet pins. They don’t fall off from case and are secured perfectly.

You can notice the Mi branding on the top of the case and some charging specification on the bottom of the case.

Connectivity and Pairing process

pairing process

Redmi AirDots supports the latest most up to date Bluetooth version 5.0. Redmi AirDots claims it supports up to 10-meter range.

In my testing I found a range to be quite good. I left my mobile in a room and still, the AirDots were able to pick the signal in the living room.

One drawback is that it only supports one mobile at a time. You can not pair it with multiple devices at the same time.

To pair it with other devices you have to unpair the first one and then pair it with the next one.

The pairing process is quite simple and easy. Just take out the right earbud. On your mobile search for the nearest Bluetooth devices, Redmi AirDots shows up as Redmi AirDots_R, Connect to it. Now you have successfully connected your Right Airdots to your phone. Now take out the left earbud,  it will get connected to right earbud and you will also hear the sound for the same.

I have tested it with multiple devices like iPhone, Samsung, Redmi devices and it works perfectly.

The buttons on the Redmi Airdots works flawlessly as they are quite comfortable to push. A short press on the left or right earbuds used to receive or end the call and for play/pause. A long press is used to reject the call.

The only downfall is that you cant increase or decrease the volume and using these buttons. Another thing is that you can’t skip songs using these buttons.

Sound Quality

The Redmi AirDots has the 7.2 mm, sound driver. These drivers produce deep high-quality bass and stereo sound quality considering the price point of these earbuds.

The Redmi Airdots exceeded my expectations in sound quality and call quality. Considering the price of these earbuds they sound much better. 

These earbuds produce very good quality bass, highs and mids are good. I found bass good enough for me.

When it comes to sound isolation, Redmi AirDots does a good job of sound isolation. You can enjoy the music in a noisy environment easily without getting distracted by external noise. 

Both earbuds have the inbuilt microphone, they deliver good quality calls in a noiseless environment. But in a noisy environment don’t use these earbuds for calls. 

Overall it’s a good package at less price for people who are on a tight budget.

Battery Life

battery life

Xiaomi has done a good job with the battery of Redmi AirDots. In stereo mode, these earbuds last about 3-3.5 hours on a single charge. 

The case can recharge these earbuds 1.5 times when it’s fully charged. These earbuds take around 1.5 hours to get fully charge and the case can be charged fully in 2 hours. 

The case has a LED indicator that turns on while charging the case and turns off once the case is fully charged.

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Final Words

Apple Airpods are way too expensive in the TWS category. Sure they have their advantages if you are in the Apple ecosystem and produce very good quality sound.

But Some people do not want to shell out such a huge amount on an Apple Airpods. For them, Redmi AirDots is the next good option.

Xiaomi is building really good products at an affordable price and Redmi AirDots is one of those. They lower your expectations with the price but surprises you with the build and sound quality.

They have a decent sound quality and easy to use functionality. I am glad that I purchased these earbuds. I use them regularly and for my gym sessions.

Where to Buy

Xiaomi products are getting easily available in India. On Amazon, these earbuds are available under the price of 2000.

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