Alert! Check If Your Login Credentials Compromised

There are a number of accounts getting compromised daily. The Internet is full of bad people who try to steal your username and password. Don’t wait till you get an error saying the wrong password. Google has added a chrome extension called Password Checkup to check if your login credentials compromised. 

This chrome extension tries to match your username and password from the data set of breached data. If it finds a match then it gives a red alert box. 

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Add Password Checkup Google Extension to Check Stolen Login Credentials:

I assume you know how to add a google chrome extension in chrome browser. If you don’t know then just follow the below steps. 

Open a chrome web browser.

Then open chrome web store. And search for Password Checkup.

password checkup

Click on “Add to Chrome” to add this chrome extension in your Chrome web browser. 

Now it’s time to use this tool to find out if your login credentials compromised. 

Go to any website where you have an account like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc. enter your username and password. 

Once you click on login, the Password Checkup tries to find a match in the breached data set. If it finds a match in data breach set then it gives a red alert and asks you to change your password immediately. 

login credentials

I tried this tool with many of my online accounts to check if any of my account being compromised. Fortunately, none of my account were compromised.

password checkup


As an internet user and having so many different accounts it’s necessary to keep your information secure. Compromised accounts give acces to your private information to a stranger who can ruin your life. 

Password Checkup helps you to identify the compromised accounts and gives you an alert to change the password. Though it does not allow you to do a manual search, it’s still effective to keep it installed on your chrome browser as it will notify you if any of your account gets compromised. 

So what do we learn from this? Always use a strong password for your accounts, never use the same password for all accounts. Use LastPass to store your password. 

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