How to Restore Google Chrome Tabs After PC Shutdown

As a heavy internet user, Generally I deal with a lot of chrome tabs open at the same time. Most of the time I want to resume my work from where I left off. But the problem occurs when we have to close our laptop, I lose all of the tabs if I shutdown it. So, I have to leave my laptop in hibernate mode to preserve the chrome tabs. This method drains a lot of battery and also slows down the PC over time. Having said that, recently I found a way to restore Google chrome tabs even if we SHUTDOWN the PC.

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Restore Google Chrome Tabs

Generally, my work involves a lot of research, so I prefer using this setting to resume previous chrome sessions as soon as I open the chrome browser.

This helps me pick up from where I left and also saves me tons of clicks.

First, launch your Google Chrome browser.

Now, click on three dots present at the upper right corner, and click on settings.

open settings from three dots from upper right corner

Once you click on the settings bar, a new window will open with all the different settings available for the chrome browser. So if you want to change any settings of your chrome browser this is the place.

Scroll down to the bottom or click on “On Start-up” settings from the left sidebar.

left side menu- restore google chrome tabs

There are three options in this section. By default “Open the New Tab Page” is selected.

Just change this to “Continue where you left off” and you are done. It gets saved by default, you need not save anything explicitly.

option to restore Google chrome tabs

Bonus Tip:

If you are someone who opens up the specific site on startup. For example, if you are stockbroker and opens up the stockbroker site as soon as you open a chrome browser, then you can automate this process by selecting the third option.

open a specific site

Just select the “Open a specific page or set of pages” and input all the pages that you wish to open as soon as you launch the browser.

manually add sites to launch on startup

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Wrapping Up:

As a daily chrome browser user, I found these settings to be very beneficial as I do not lose the track of my previously opened chrome tabs.

As soon as I open a chrome browser I get all of the previous tabs loaded. This helps me to be more productive as I don’t have to spend time trying to find them and thus reducing the distraction for me.

I hope these settings also serve your purpose and help you to be more productive by loading all of your previous chrome session.

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