How to Remove Third-Party Apps from Your Google Account Easily.

Most of the websites allow you to sign up using your Google account. When you do so you grant them access to your personal information from your google account. Using your Google Account information they create your profile on their website. In this article, we are going to discuss how to remove third-party apps from your Google Account.

As you know your Google account has a lot of information like your contacts, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. You should use this type of sign up feature only if you trust the website.

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Remove third-party apps from google

As you can see, Updraftplus app has access to my basic account information. They have used this information to create my profile on their website. I can use this account to sign in with just one click.

The best part is that you can revoke this access from your Google account easily with just one click. If you are someone who no longer wants to give access to your Google account to these third-party apps then you can use this feature to revoke this access.

Remove Third-Party Apps from Google Account

First things first, If you haven’t already logged in, Go ahead and log in to your Google account. Just use this link to navigate to your Google my account page.

Remove third-party apps from google

On the left of this page, you will find many options to manage the different settings of your Google account such as changing the personal information, security, and payments, etc.

Remove third-party apps from google

Currently, we are interested in the security tab. Go ahead and click on Security tab to go further.

Under the Security tab, scroll down and find the “Third-party apps with account access”.

Remove third-party apps from google

Here you have the option to manage the third-party access to your Google account, it also shows which applications and sites have access to your Goggle account. Click on Manage Third Party Access link.

On the next screen, you will find ‘Third-Party Apps with Account Access’. These are the apps which have access to your Google account.

Remove third-party apps from google

Now, select the app or website which you want to remove from your Google account. On the next screen just click on the “Remove Access” button to remove all the access for that particular app or website.

Remove third party apps from google

Once the access is removed, you won’t be able to log in to the app. You will have to provide access again to log in back.

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Final Words:

The process is very simple to remove the third-party apps from your Google account and restrict them from using your sensitive information.

In 2019 data is more valuable than anything else, so always try to protect your data from being used by dirty companies.

If you longer trust the website, just remove the access and block them from using your sensitive information.

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