How to Quickly Access Google Drive Files from Android Home Screen

Google drive is one of the cloud storage apps that I use regularly for storing my important files. It provides 15 GB of free storage which is quite a lot for a lightweight user. I use it to store digital copies of all my documents so that I can access it from anywhere. It also gives you the option to make those files available for offline use. Once you make that file offline, you can access it without the internet connection. As you add up more files to Google drive, it gets more time consuming to locate these files especially if you are in hurry. Is there any way to locate these important files easily without wasting time? Yes, there is. Let’s understand how to do it.

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How to Place Google Drive Files on Your Android Home Screen for Quick Access:

Google drive app on the android device allows users to create shortcuts to files in Google drive. First, upload your important files to Google drive.

Once uploaded next step is to make those files available for offline use. To do so, go to Google drive app, navigate to the root directory of the file, locate and long press to select a file.

Click on three dots to open options and enable “Available Offline”.  This will allow us to access the selected file without the internet connection.

Now, click on “Add to Home Screen” to create s shortcut to that file on your Android home screen.

Google Drive

From now onwards whenever you need to access your important files, you don’t have to dig into your google drive folders. Simply tap on the File Shortcut for quick access without having to worry about the internet connection.

By default, Google drive does not allow to make entire folder offline. If you have multiple important files that you need to access frequently, you can make every individual file offline and then create a shortcut to that folder for quick access.

Other Google products such as Docs, slides etc. does not have “Add to Home Screen” feature. So, make sure you use Google drive for all your important work.

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Wrap up:

This simple hack makes our life much easier in this digital world. Everything is moving so fast and we need to manage our work on the go in an effective way. This feature will save your couple of minutes. Give it try.

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Comment down your thoughts on this “Add to Home Screen” feature.

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