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Did you forget your router’s IP address? Well, relax this post will help you to find it with your smartphone. Generally, we don’t bother about knowing the IP address of our office or home router unless you are an admin. But it’s always good practice to note it down in case you need to do any configuration changes. You can find router’s IP address using your smartphone. So let’s see how to do it. But before jumping into the post let’s understand what is router and IP address.

What is Router:

A wireless router is a device that performs the function of the router and also includes the function of wireless access point. A router can also be used to set up a private network. The router receives internet data through the phone line and converts it to the radio signal. Your smartphone pickups that signal and you get an internet access.

What is IP Address:

The IP address is a numerical number assigned to each device that is connected to the network. Connected devices communicate with each other with this internet protocol(IP).

Find Router’s IP Address from iPhone/iPad:

Well when it’s come to iPhone, it’s pretty much easy to find IP address of your router. The most important thing over here is your iPhone/iPad must be connected to the wifi network in order to get an IP address of a router. You can not find IP address without connecting to wifi network. Once connected to wifi network follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open settings app on your iPhone/iPad. Then click on wifi.

router's ip address 1


Step 2: Under wifi, You will see available wifi network and currently connected network name along with “i” icon. Tap on “i” icon to explore more information about WiFi network.

router's ip address 2


Step 3: After clicking on “i” icon, On your next screen you will see the detailed information about wifi network. In this section look for “Router”. The IP address besides this section is the IP address of your router.

So that’s how simple it is to find IP address of router using iPhone/iPad.

router's ip address


Find Router’s IP Address from Android:

Well when it comes to Android smartphones, There is no direct way to know the router’s IP address as iPhone. It does not have that out of the box functionality. You need to do some workaround to find router’s IP address from Android smartphone.

Step 1: To know the IP address of router using android, you need to install an app called wifi analyzer. So go ahead and install it from the play store.

wifi analyzer app


Step 2: After installing the app, Open it and tap on “view” menu and select “AP List”. Here you will see “connected to:[your network name]”. Tap on your network name to explore more. A new window will pop up with details of your network. Look for a gateway. This gateway is nothing but the IP address of your router.

wifi analyzer


That’s it. This is how simple it is to find router’s IP address. As said earlier you won’t need this so often but it’s always good to have knowledge of it. You might be wondering what is the use of this IP address?, This IP address comes in handy whenever you need to change SSID or WiFi password of your router. It is useful for a technical person handling all the network related work but as I said earlier, it is always good to have knowledge of it.

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