How to Check if Your iPhone is Slower than Usual

Apple devices are well known for their performance and security. They do a very good job in this department, that’s why people purchase iPhone. But with the release of new iPhones and the new software update, people with older iPhone models have complained about slow performance. Apple has confirmed that they have intentionally slowed down the old devices. And they have justified this move, stating that they slowed down these devices to preserve battery usage for a longer period so that the users don’t have to charge their iPhones again and again.

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How to Know if Your iPhone is Slower Than Usual:

Do you see any difference in your iPhones performance? How to know if your device has been slowed down by Apple? To get answers to these questions you can use following 3 methods to test your iPhone.

Using Battery Status:

You can check your iPhone’s battery status to know if there is any problem with it, it may give you the indication of slowing down iPhone. To check battery status, go to Settings -> Battery, if it shows “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced”, it’s an indication of slow performance and you need to either continue using iPhone in slow performance, change it or replace the battery.

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Using Paid Apps GeekBench and CPU DasherX:

These apps are available on AppStore. These are paid apps that can test your iPhone to know whether it has been slowed down or not. Just test your iPhone on these apps and note down the CPU frequency. If it is half than what it should be (you can find original frequency by a quick Google search) then it is obvious that your iPhone device is being throttled. If both the frequencies are same, then you don’t have to worry, your phone is performing as it should be.

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Using Free Website:

If you don’t want to use paid versions of the app, you can use SlowApple website to test your iPhone for free. Visit SlowApple website on your iPhone and run the test. But before running this test, make sure you have turned off the Low Power Mode on your iPhone device. This site works if you have iPhone 6s and upper versions. But you can use it for older version too, to get an indication.

Once you visit the website, Tap on Go to start the test. If your device completes the test under 8 seconds, your device is not affected by the current update that means you are getting full performance. If it takes more than 8 seconds, your phone is most probably be affected by the recent update and apple has throttled your iPhones performance to preserve battery.


Using Free App Lirum Device Info Lite:

This a free app available on AppStore. This is Lite version of premium Lirum Device Info App. You can use it test your iPhone. Download the app from AppStore, once you install the app, open it then tap on Burger icon -> This Device and then click on CPU in the menu.

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After taping on CPU, it runs the test and shows you the result. It shows “CPU Actual Clock” and the “CPU Maximum Clock”. If two numbers are same, then your device performance is not throttled, and if these two values are different then your iPhone is performing slower than usual.


Replace iPhone Battery for $29:

If you are among those unlucky users whose iPhones are slowed down and you don’t want to change your device then you have the option to replace the battery for just $29. Instead of paying the usual $79 for a new battery, Apple has cut down the battery replacement price to $29. This offer is valid until the end of 2018. To avail this offer, you need to initiate the battery replacement request through their support page.


Did you run the test? What’s your result? Are you going to change your iPhone or going to take advantage of battery replacement offer? Let me know in the comment section below.

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