Four Best Free Alternatives to Windows OS

Reading Time: 3 minutes  When it comes to operating system, Microsoft dominates the operating system world. Windows operating system is most widely used OS. It is simple to use and user-friendly and many people prefer to use it. I still remember when I purchased my first laptop, I preferred

How to Know Where the Photo was Taken

Reading Time: 2 minutes  Google is our guide, you name a thing and google has an answer for it. Google offers so many services to choose from. I use google every now and then. Consider a scenario, You are searching interesting places to visit and come across a photograph

How to create windows recovery media disc

Reading Time: 2 minutes  I assume that most us know how to install windows OS. We just grab the windows installation disk and insert it into cd driver of laptop/pc. Then we just follow the installation process. But what if we don’t get an installation disk while purchasing a